As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


Orrenda Acciaieria - Orrenda Acciaieria (2011)

Orrenda Acciaieria are an instrumental trio from Como, Italy and they have released their debut through the new label, Cosmic Swamp Records (label's debut release too). The album consists of 8 tracks which are part of three suites ("Il Morbo", "Octopus Vulgaris" and "Lento Per Sigaretta") with a total playing time of 28 minutes. Overall the album has a great heavy groove from the beginning 'til the end based on psych stoner routes. The riffs work great in leading the way while the bass and drums enrich the sound but also build a solid base for guitar to move on it. There are some post-metal (or even progressive) which work only in a positive way for the band. Fans of instrumental stuff are going to love this for sure. Awesome first release for the band as well as for the label too!
*Thanks to Cosmic Swamp Records for coming in touch and I'd like to wish them all the best!

You can visit Cosmic Swamp Records' website for more info about how to buy it (a store will be up soon).


Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - 30 Weight (2011)

Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned are back after 3 years with their third killer release!!!! I hadn't the slightest idea that GS going to release a new record until yeoldstinkeye provided me the album. Released few days ago by Small Stone Recs. (I've wrote a lot of times before about the quality releases under this label), "30 Weight" will be in a lot of "best releases of 2011" lists. It has amazing bluesy grooves, a bunch of monster riffs, southern outlaws' spirit and of course the haunting, deep vocals of Gideon. There is no stop or pause by the time you put "30 Weight" on your player. For the time being I love this one more than their previous two albums. Maybe it's the overall darker feeling... Ah, I forgot to mention that it features to great covers in Saint Vitus' "I Bleed Black" and GG Allin's "When I Die". Highly recommended! 

Take A Look :

The Moss - Wulfram (2011)

The Moss were formed last summer in Portland and Wulfram is their first demo (!!!!) recorded last winter. If this  12-track release is a DEMO, I don't know what to expect when they decide to put out a full release. I wish all bands' demos were like this one here! Anyway let's get to the music. Here we have 40minutes of amazingly good Sabbath inspired psych blues with a lot of 70's heavy (without the prog in it) rock ideas and passages. The tracks have a great flow and I really like this back-to-the-basics, raw feeling it gives me every time I hear it. Great demo and I can't wait for a full release from them! Recommended to anyone who liked this year's Devil and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats releases (although The Moss don't have these horror-esque chills Uncle Acid have) and generally to anyone into proto-doom stuff.
* Thanks to Adam from The Moss for coming in touch
You can stream the whole record from their bandcamp or download it for 6.66$.

Take A Look:


At Devil Dirt - At Devil Dirt (2011)

This duo from Chile really blew my head off (I'm trying to be modest in my expressions here...). They came out from nowhere (at least for me) to prove us that sometimes a guitar (or bass in other cases) and a drum-set are enough to build a huge, solid wall of sound. Their debut features twelve tracks - with total duration at 35min - of the finest downtuned, fuzzy-buzzy stoner/sludge of our days. Either you're an Electric Wizard and Goatsnake fan or Kyuss, Torche and Los Natas one, you're going to like it and in the end you'll be hungry for even more. Love them or love them!

Take A Look:

The Hedgehogs - Depths (2011)

The Hedgehogs are a psych-garage quartet from Aalborg, Denmark and I'm very happy for "discovering" them... Mainly inspired from Austin, Texas psych-scene of the 60's - 70's, they successfully combine this era's pscyh-o-garage-blues sound with more contemporary neo-psychedelic slabs. Depths is a live recording teaser which they recorded as a preview for their tonight's (21/10/11) show in Loppen, Copenhagen (in a small psych-fest with Troldmand and Papir) and it features two amazing long-enough (24min and 15min) jams. I have nothing more to say besides that they're great and you should check them. A not-miss! Got to see them live too (their gigs are a hell of a freak-out party).

You can download "Depths" as well as some other live recordings and jams from their bandcamp page for free. Enjoy!!!
MySpace # Facebook

Take A Look:


Throw The Goat - Demo (2011)

Throw The Goat are a four-piece band coming from Idyllwild, California and they have just released their first demo which features six tracks. Great stoner/heavy rock with a lot of rock'n'roll energy, punk influences and great swampy vocals. Production is in good levels for a demo release, although I think if they'll make it heavier and stronger their tunes will be much much better. A good slab of high voltage, enjoyable music... I'll keep an eye on them for sure.

You can download it for free through their facebook page.
Facebook # Bandcamp

Verma - Paramita Tapes (2011)

I had made a post about Verma a while ago (here) where I wrote the best for them. Here is their new release "Paramita Tapes" which are some improv jams they recorded and two of the three tracks are included in   Verma/Shapers/Soundings cassette split. Great psych music as expected!

You can download it for free through their bandcamp page where you can also download their 2 previous albums if you haven't done it yet!


Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 9

The 9th part of Rock Trips radio show's mixtapes are here. Markos couldn't make it to the show this time so Sakis was alone with me. So my efforts to put them back in track were much easier by making him remember the good side of being heavy music's fan (and by offering him a lot of cognac to drink)!! I spinned a couple of tunes too! Enjoy this mixtape 'cause in the next show I won't be present so I don't even want to imagine what the next one is going to be...


Fjodor - Live In Loppen (2010) & Riding Through The Black Hole (2011)

Fjodor are a Croatian band from Zagreb. They formed in 2005 as a trio and after a few changes (extra members, guests etc.) they finally became a four piece band. From my understanding besides the main trio - core, a lot of members/guests come and go through time. I'll quote them as far their music's description concerned : "Fjodor is an instrumental psychedelic/space/noiz band influenced by lots of different music genres (Balkan and Oriental roots music, Krautrock, Jazz, Noiz, electronic, contemporary and classical music)", which is the best description I can give.

Dreamtime - Dreamtime EP (2011)

I've recently discovered Dreamtime, a trio from Brisbane, Australia. Probably someone suggested them to me but I can't even remember who did it. Anyway, Dreamtime released their self-titled EP in January and in a few days they're going to release their first LP (which you can hear it and order it in their bandcamp page). The EP features four great slabs of - mainly late 60's influenced - psychedelic jams. All of them are moving in "ritualistic" acid paths with a lot of loops as well as bursts of heavy psych distorted guitars followed by mellow, meditative vocals. Colour Haze-like riffage and stoner rock's grooves are present too which make their sound even richer. Personally I can't wait for their LP...

You can download their EP for free from their bandcamp page.


Sigmun - Land of the Living Dead (2011)

Few days ago I received a mail from Sigmun which made me really happy because these guys are from Indonesia and as far as I remember I don't think I've heard anything coming from this country (I should dig more into their scene) so I got excited to listen this one.

Sigmun are a four-piece band from Bandung, Indonesia formed in 2008. They started as Loud but they changed their name ,due to issues with another band, to Sigmun taken by Sigmund Freud. This mini release features two tracks ("Red Blood Sea" and "Land Of The Living Dead") of surprisingly good heavy blues rock with bits of psych in it. They are influenced by Zeps and Sabbath as well as from more contemporary bands of heavy rock (and not only actually. In "Red Blood Sea" eg. guitar reminds me of 16 Horsepower). I could easily think that they're a band of the growing Swedish heavy rock scene. I hope that they release a full album soon. Check them out! (and read their bio's info, they have some quite interesting views about music).

Website # MySpace # Facebook

Take A Look:
Track is not included in the release but it's a good one too and you can download it from their facebook page

Le Scimmie - Dromomania (2011)

I think October will be a month dedicated to Italy's scene 'cause in the last few days I keep receiving releases from there. And all of them are great ones! So after Otehi here is another Italian band, Le Scimmie. They're a duo (guitars, drums) and they play some first class instrumental psych/stoner/noise. 

I'll agree with Riez in what he wrote in his review. When I see a band which : a) is a duo, b) are instrumental and c) terms like psych, stoner etc. are used to describe their sound, what I expect are songs with loooong duration. But that's not happening with Angelo and Mario. Here we have ten tracks with a total duration of 23min. 

"Dromomania" is their first full album (they've released an EP too in 2007) and is full of high-voltage, raw riffing and noisy power-attacks. But also when they decide to use some melodies, they're getting really catchy and makes the music more soulful. I loved this album and you'll probably do the same. I have to mention their excellent video for the song "Dromomania" which perfectly imprints their music visually.  
*Thanks to Angelo for coming in touch.

MySpace # Facebook

Take A Look:


Wino & Scott Kelly - Split 7" (2011)

Wino and Scott Kelly joined their forces for this acoustic 7" split, featuring one track by Wino titled "Manifesto" and one by Scott Kelly titled "The Field That Surrounds Me". Released in 1000 smoky-blue colored vinyl copies.

If you wish to buy it, I found a remaining copy here. I don't know if is others available somewhere else...


Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 8

Well a new Rock Trips Mixtape has arrived... Previous Monday's show was a great one, there was a bigger (than usual) company in the studio, a lot of laughs and booze too. We had a special guest -Kostis, a cousin of mine and Markos' friend- coming straight from Singapore who spinned a couple of tunes too.

When I first joined the show's company, I think it was much heavier. The last two times, the main guys behind the show (Sakis and Markos) seem to lost their way... Previous week we have some Talisman in and this one things like Tuxedomoon, Mary & The Boy, Mercury Rev...even Almodovar for god's shake!!! I hope that they'll understand their huge mistake and make it up soon! They know that whatever I write, I do it 'cause I care about them and I want to save their dignity in the name of heavy grooves. My beloved little black sheeps...
Anyway enjoy the mixtape, is a great one. Cheers!


Otehi - Noisy Spirit (2011)

Coming from my country's "neighborhood", this Italian trio released their first EP called "Noisy Spirit" delivering seven tracks of trippy psych stoner excellence and of course fill us with expectations for more things to come. Monolithic grooves side-by-side with fuzzed out riffs, covered by psychedelic smoke from holy bongs... The noisy spirit which possessed them, leads them in the rights paths... And although the production is quite raw, it doesn't reduces its listening experience. If you're into the wider area of psych stoner rock from Dozer and Colour Haze to Kyuss and Sleep then this is something you're going to love. Not forget to mention the awesome artwork too...
*Thanks to the guys from Otehi for coming in touch and providing us with a free download of their work

Take A Look:

AVER - AVER (2011)

AVER are a 4-piece band coming from Sydney, Australia and few months ago they released their same-tilted debut album. Releases like this one, make me really happy. First of all 'cause it's a massive one and secondly because it's a DIY one and is available for free download by the band.

Anyway let's get to the point. Musically, AVER seem to have discover the missing link between grunge and stoner. Add a pinch of psych/jam in it, stir them up and serve... It's quite hard a grunge-related band to get me hooked but these guys did it. I had discovered them somewhere in the summer but while I kept going back and listened to them again and again, I never made a post about them. Don't know why though. 

Everything in this album -melodies, riffs, vocals, guitar, bass, drums...- are top notch. From spacey-stoner "Anti-Matter" to heavy grunge groovness of "Jacob" and from the laid-back chills of "Decay" to the mellow psych jamming of "Stoneage Wasteland", you won't be able to find a reason not to love them. Great stuff!
*Thanks to Burdt from AVER for coming in touch

MySpace # Facebook # You can find info for ordering it in their fb page

Take A Look:

Short Message From Mars Red Sky

Jimmy from Mars Red Sky informed me that they're going to print their debut album on vinyl, with a bonus track. It will be out on 12th of Novemeber and they already accept pre-orders.

Pre-order at : BigCartel


Premonition 13 - 7" (2011)

Here is the 7" single that Premonition 13 released before their album in 1000 green vinyl copies. I found it recently and I thought why to not share it. It features two tracks, "Switchouse" -a classic Wino- and "Crossthreaded" moving in more speedy rhythm. Both of them are great and a must-have for any fan of Mr.Wino. Cheers! 

Take A Look:

The United Sons Of Toil - When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful (2011) @320

I'll start this post about The United Sons Of Toil by quoting what it's written in their bandcamp:
"The story is one of an oppressed and hopeless people. Pushed to the brink by corruption and squalid, inequitable conditions, they resort to violence. As they struggle, they convince themselves that their violence is justified and, in fact, that they have no other choice. When they come to power, they face the same problems as those they replaced and become oppressors themselves. Dissension within the new order sets the cycle in motion again.
Fundamental societal change can emerge only through radical individual change."

Coming from Madison, Wisconsin TUSoT are a noise/math rock trio and I have to say that their new work caught me by surprise. It's quite hard to find bands as a reference for describing their music (maybe my listenings aren't too rich as far as this kind of music concerned). Anyway here we have an excellent release which is very interesting too when it comes to their lyrics. Basically is math rock with a lot of noise references. They successfully incorporate post-rock elements too as well as some kind of light version of sludge and some bits of post-punk. As I said it's quite hard to describe their style but at least I tried (in a way). Check them and you won't be disappointed! Dig their lyrics too, the whole concept is brilliant!
*Thanks to the guys for coming in touch!

You can download it by paying anything you want through their bandcamp page.

Take A Look:

Grand Selmer - Tough Day of Relief (2011)

Grand Selmer are a 4-piece band from Göteborg, Sweden. After releasing three EPs, it was time for their full album titled "Tough Day Of Relief" featuring eleven tracks of grunge attitude blended with some great stoner riffs. Their influences vary from 70's hard/heavy rock bands to 90's high energy rock and of course with . The songs are quite catchy with melodies that stuck in your head and the whole album has a really "up-lifting character" which makes your day. If you are into bands like QOTSA, Foo Fighters (GS are quite heavier though) then this is your new band to check! Ass attack, you Fat Fuck!
*Thanks to Pontus from Grand Selmer for coming in touch!

You can download the whole album for free through their facebook page!

Take A Look:


Weltraumstaunen - Weltraumstaunen (1999) & Weltraumwelt (2004)

Weltraumstaunen were a German band from Berlin formed in 1998 by Andi Heinrich, Silk Heinrich and Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana). They released two albums, the same-titled in 1999 and Weltraumwelt in 2004. Both released are excellent pieces of heavy spaced-out, psych rock. Great trips to nowhere, lot of jamming, psych bursts and ambient mellow melodies. Their tutors (such as Ash Ra Tempel, Can, Guru Guru, Hawkwind) taught them well and they've passed the exams with A. Anyone familiar with Dave's work and the guys surrounding him, definitely going to love these...  


The Carpet Knights - According To Life (2009)

The Carpet Knights are a band I recently discovered (thanks to Maria) and I found them really interesting. Coming from Sweden and formed in 1998, they released their debut in 2002 (which I haven't heard yet). "According to Life" is their second album, released by the usual suspects of Transubstans Records. Overall is a very interesting and strong release based on a successful mix of progressive and folk rock (Jethro Tull's legacy is present everywhere) with a very light version of stoner rock grooves and some psychedelic slabs (especially in album's second half), plus the vintage feeling that Swedes tend to use in their music. The link between The Carpet Knights and Öresund Space Collective are obvious from the beginning 'til the end (some of TCK's members are in OSP too). One hour of good soulful music...

Website # Buy!

Take A Look:

Rotors To Rust - All That's Heavy (1994) & Bitter Fountain EP (1996)

Rotors To Rust were a stoner band (with the right amount of grunge/alt rock pinches) from Portland, formed in the early-mid '90s by : Ed Gaines (vox,guitar), Jason Grosso (bass) and Doug Wood (drums). They released one album, an EP and one 7" (Temple Of The Sun/God Mask, 1998). Here you can find their album "All That's Heavy" and the EP "Bitter Fountain". Great groovy, heavy music. Another one from my Stoner's Forgotten Children Mixtape...

Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 7

...And here is previous Monday's mixtape by Rock Trips Radio Show. I'm a little bit ashamed for posting it 'cause mr.Sakis decided to go "wild" and play a Talisman song (not proper music for this blog!!) but I forgive him because is a good guy nevertheless. Ah, it features one hip hop track too by Madvillain  (another "wild" choice by mr.Markos this time) but it's actually quite good and makes a great change with the next track by Gezoleen. Cheers!

Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 6

Here is the sixth mixtapes by Rock Trips Radio Show from 26/09. Enjoy!

Core - Revival (1996) & The Hustle Is On (1999)

A little more New Jersey stoner rock for you...and one of my favorite bands of the scene. Core were a trio formed in mid-90's by Finn Ryan (guitar, vocals, he joined Atomic Bitchwax in 2004), Carmine Pernini (bass) and Tim Ryan (drums). They released their debut album "Revival" (produced by Billy Anderson)  in 1996 and their second one "The Hustle Is On" in 1999.  They split-up in 2000 I think. They had toured with some of the biggest names of the scene such as Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Atomic Bitchwax, Clutch, Nebula....


Solarized are a stoner group coming from New Jersey, USA. They were formed by Jim Hogan (vox,guitar) and Regina Satan (drums) from the ashes of Daisycutter.  Lou Gorra (bass, he formed Halfway To Gone afterwards ) and Pete Hauschild (guitar) joined in too, completing the band's line-up. "Eight Ways to Sunday" EP was the first work they released in 1998. In 1999 their first full album "Neanderthal Speedway" was ready. In three of the songs Tim Cronin and Ed Mundell from Monster Magnet were invited as guests. Generally, the album's sound is close to early-Monster Magnet material.


Floodgate - Penalty (1996)

Floodgate were a 4 piece band from New Orleans, USA. If you don't know them maybe the name Kyle Thomas rings some bells (vocals in Exhorder and Alabama Thunderpussy). Anyone who is a fan of Down as well as Pantera I might say, has to check this one. Smoked, Southern-driven bluesy-stoner at its best. Great sludgy riffage, great vocals by Kyle, grooves spreading all over the place but also chill-out moments too (see "Whole"). This is their one and only album released in 1996 by Roadrunner Records (later on they were kicked out from the label. Apparently nu-metal was not what Floodgate wanted) and it's awesome from all sides. Definitely a must-listen release!

Take A Look:

Bozeman's Simplex - Hyperdrive EP (1998)

Another Swedish band which was capable of making some really good pieces of music but life or luck didn't let them to move on... Formed in 1992, they released one album (on cassette) in 1994 and one EP. All these years I haven't found their album ("Stonehead And Other Freak Songs", if someone has it please drop me a message ). Anyway, here is their EP called "Hyperdrive" featuring 3 tracks of quite fuzzy, quality stoner rock. The band had plans for another full album but they never made and they disbanded in 2000. They were re-united  for a couple of lives in 2003 and 2009. 

Terra Firma - Terra Firma (1998) & Harms Way (2001)

I suppose most of you know Terra Firma. These Swedes released their first demo in 1996, although they knew each other quite a long time before that (you can read their full bio in their website). They were formed by Fredrik Lindgren (guitar, ex-Unleashed and after Terra Firma-era, he formed Harms Way) and Christian Lindersson (aka Lord Chritus, vocals. ex-Count Raven '87-'92, ex-Saint Vitus '92-'94, Lord Vicar '07-present). Nico Elgstrand (bass. He joined Entombed in 2006) and Izmo Ledderfejs (drums) joined in too and Terra Firma were ready for their "trip".

Sub Second Rocket - Horsepower EP (2001)

Sub Second Rocket were a Swedish 4-piece band, formed in 1998 and they split up in 2004 (I think). They released a couple of demos and EPs. "Horsepower" is the only release that I had the chance to check and it's really some kick-ass stoner rock. They have great riffs and overall their music has a lot of power in it. I wish they had continued their route... Check it!


Shallow - 16 Sunsets In 24 Hours (2000)

Shallow were formed in the mid-90's and they were British quartet playing some really cool stoner rock with pinches of swirling psychedelia and alternative rock. "16 Sunsets In 24 Hours" was their only album released in 2000. They previously released a (4-track I think) EP called "Live At Heimi Hendersons". I'm really enjoying this record each time I listen to it, especially for its chill-out feeling. Of course it isn't something extraordinary but overall is a quality work with cool tunes and melodies which definitely gives you some really good time and worths a check. They changed their name after this one (there was already a US band called Shallow) to The Last Drop and they came to surface again in 2002 with their second album called "Where Were You Livin' a Year From Now?".


Take A Look:


Sunwheel Power Express - Doin' 65/Sicario 7'' (1997)

I found about this one recently and I have to say that this is an acid-driven psych rock fan's wet dream. Unfortunately this two-track 7" is the only release by these Dutch dudes. If Orange Sunshine means something to you check it. And if not then check it twice. Amazing release! I think the description I found in Motorwolf Recs website fits perfect: 
"Imagine a lead guitar player that plays solos like Jimi Hendrix, a second guitarist that plays like Tony Iommy, a bass player that resembles Dick Peterson and a drummer that drums like Paul Whaley and there you've got them! This is an explosion of power, this is madness, this is a total experience! Their lyrics are about hot muscle cars, hot sleazy women and hot psychopathic hitmen and their roaring motorbass sound is giving every healthy man a hard-on! Forget about all these hyped so-called 'stone rock' KYUSS-clones! There is way more soul and way more freakyness in this supergroup (featuring band members from TOP GEAR, TWIN EARTH and PANTY BOY) than in all these pathetic 'let's all sound like BLACK SABBATH' grunge pop bands together!"


Take A Look:

Olivelawn - Sap (1991) & Sophomore Jinx! (1992)

San Diego's Olivelawn were a quite short-lived band form back in the dawn of 90's and they released two full albums before they split. Olivelawn were Mike Olson (vocals), Otis "O" Barthoulameu (guitar, he formed Fluf afterwards), Eddie Glass (drums, he formed Nebula in 1997) and Jonny Donhowe (bass). They released their debut album "Sap" in 1991 and their second one "Sophomore Jinx!" in 1992. What we have here is powerful high-voltage punk'n'fuzz rock which honors MC5 and Stooges, as well as Sabbath. I have never dug Fluf but as a big Nebula fan, I really love these two releases (especially Sophomore Jinx!). Great Stuff!