As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


VA - Stoner's Forgotten Children - Stone The Show

Here are the tracks I played in my last radio show on Downtuned Radio. As the title states, the tunes are from forgotten stoner rock bands (or quite relevant to it) from the '91 - '01 era. Most of them have released 1 or 2 records and that's it. Few of these bands' work are already posted here. The rest will be uploaded these days. Next to each song in the tracklist below, I'll put a link which is going to link in a blog's post where you can find the album/ep etc. I'll updated it until all records are up. I hope you'll enjoy it!


Scene Killer - Scene Killer (2001)

Yesterday my radio show was dedicated to forgotten/quite unknown stoner bands from the '91 - '01 era. It was a good one (it will be uploaded soon for anyone interested, as well as show's playlist) and I remembered or found a lot of great bands. So I decided to post some of these albums which are quite hard to find them (since the Swamp closed) and it's a good chance for a lot of us to remember them or hear them for the first time... 
The first one is New Jersey's Scene Killer. They were a kind of super-group formed by members of Solace, Solarized, Atomic Bitchwax, Drag Pack, Halfway to Gone, Monster Magnet.... This is the only album they recorded in 2001, mixed by Jack Endino and released by MeteorCity. It's an excellent piece of heavy fuzzed-out rock. If you like at least one of the bands mentioned above then you should check it. Highly recommended! 

Buy! (The cd is half price down which makes it a great deal)
If someone who reads this, has a youtube channel and uploads this kind of music, please upload anything by Scene Killer...  

They Yearn For What They Fear - The Infernal Plains (2011)

They Yearn For What They Fear are a Kentucky, USA based duo (drums and bass) and this is their second EP relased this year. What we have here is four tracks of apocalyptic sludgy-doom psychedelia in the veins of Moloch, Thou, Electric Wizard, Torche... Heavy as it should be with aggressive vocals, some bits of crust in some parts and when they decide to use extra instruments like guitars and keys, it becomes even better. Great music to start your gloomy autumn morning...
Here is a band's short bio too : 
Around since 2005ish, They Yearn For What They Fear started as a wall-of-noise grind unit, and while they can definitely still tap into all the rage of speed, they've become incredibly dynamic in their sound and tone while never sacrificing heaviness or their own brand of apocalyptic psychedelia. They are hard at work crafting a sonic tome worthy of their name, as well as split releases of all varieties (and hopefully a re-release of their lone testament to their ultra-violent roots, The Art of Communication via Concentric in the near future).
Thanks To Corey From TYFWTF for coming in touch.

Take A Look:


Hella Vader - XVIII (2011)

First of all I would like to thank yeoldstinkeye  for reminding me this album. I had checked it when it was posted at the Swamp but then somehow I forgot it and never got back on it. But from the time I put it in my player now, has never stopped playing at least one time each day. Coming from Sonoma Valley, California Hella Vader are a three-piece band (Joe Koch-guitar,keyboards, Slayne Kårkass-drums, Parrish Kårkass-bass) and XVIII is their debut. I couldn't find more info about them on the web but it doesn't matter 'cause here we have a killer-bomb release. I was never into surf music at all (some songs here and there don't count) but these guys created something amazing. "XVIII" features 18 songs, mixing surf, garage, stoner and psych. This is a fuzz monster destroying any sensitive hipster ears and melting average mainstream brains. Turbocharging riffs, organs, alcohol, drugs, groove, fuzz, Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, Black Sabbath, reverbs, wah-wah....all are part of the deal. I highly recommend this one to anyone who takes a peek at this blog.

I put up a download link but please do me a favor and support these guys by downloading their album from the sites mentioned below. They need the money for releasing it in physical copies...

Take A Look:

Backdraft – This Heaven Goes To Eleven (2011)

Sweden's Backdraft released earlier this year their third album "This Heaven Goes To Eleven". Their previous two were great ones moving in southern metal paths with this vintage touch which we're coming across very often (especially when we deal with bands coming from Sweden). In their new album I thing they became more eclectic or allow me to say more "mainstream". It seems to me that they're trying to reach a wider audience. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album. Good flow, catchy songs that stuck in your head, southern rock's influences are still present but they're having more hard and "melodic" elements in them. It's something you'll put on your player to listen a lot of times but it's not going to get you hooked. Anyway if you're into traditional hard rock then Backdraft will be great for your ears...

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Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 5

Fifth mixtape from Rock Trips Radio Show...I hope you like it!


Automatic Animal - Modern Alchemy (2011)

Second album for Santa Cruz's Automatic Animal (or fourth if I include their two releases as Herbert, the core is the same in these bands). Well I'll inevitably compare "Modern Alchemy" with other bands (you'll see what I mean) but somehow it still has its own vibes. While I'm listening to it, I find myself wondering if this is a Monster Magnet's lost album or this is how MM's latest work should be. Mat Fitzsimmons' vocals are so damn close to Dave Wyndorf's, as well as some riff parts to MM ones. You can spot resemblance to Wino's voice too as in "Blackrose Of Cairo"(which is an outstanding tune). Don't get me wrong, these guys aren't copycats. They filter all these through their own personality. I have to add that the album's production was taken care by mr. Scott Reeder (who also does percussion on "Can You Sleep", talkbox bass on "Germination" and additional vocals on "City In Ashes") and it's recorded, mixed etc. in his studio. The whole album is top-notch. The compositions, the playing, the vocals, the riffs....  You're not going to get bored a single moment!
*Credits To yeoldstinkeye

Take A Look:

Baby Woodrose - Mindblowing Seeds And Disconnected Flowers (2011)

Here is a collection that Lorenzo Woodrose released for the 10th year anniversary of Bad Afro Records. The album features 15 tracks of mind blowing 60's psych garage revival. Most of them are early demo cuts that Lorenzo recorded back in 1999 (almost after he left On Trial) and which eventually ended up in "Blows Your Mind". Also some unreleased tracks are included as "Gonna Get You Down" and "Run Little Girl". Although it's a collection, it sounds like a whole new album. To be honest I liked many of these alternate editions even more from the "originals", 'cause they're really make you feel what Baby Woodrose stands for and that means RAW energy! And I'm sure that all you vintage-lovers won't stop listening to it again and again. It's a release you should own and with an artwork like this, the temptation to have it growing up even more...

Eidetic Seeing - Eidetic Seeing EP (2011)

Oh Yeah! This one is a blast! These Brooklyn based guys know how to create amazing fuzzy psych-out jams. Recorded as this kind of stuff should be,at once and live, their debut EP sucks you into a psych cyclone and it doesn't let you go until it's over. I'll use it as hors d'oeuvre until their full album comes out. Fans of bands like Earthless are going to love it. Highly recommended.

You can download it by paying anything you want through their bandacamp page.

Take A Look:

Deaf By Stoning - Burning Down EP (2011)

Deaf By Stoning are a four-piece band from Nijmegen, Netherlands formed in 2009. Almost a month ago they released their first work, a 7-track EP called "Burning Down". I think there is no need to explain that these guys' music is stoner...Just look at their name, cover etc. Overall the EP is a high-energy, played with passion stoner work following the paths of Kyuss and QOTSA. It has some really great moments like the "Chinese Girl" and "Burning Down" while the last two tracks, which seem to be live, sound far better proving that they must give some really good live performances. I would like the production to be much heavier and fatter but overall is a good straight-forward stoner release played with soul.
*Thanks to Jeroen from DbS for coming in touch.

You can download it for free through their bandcamp page.
Website # Facebook

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Wooden Shjips - Phonograph 7" (2011)

Phonograph is a special 7" single featuring one track that was not included in  "West" titled "Phonograph" and a remix of "Looking Out" by Peaking Lights released by Thrill Jockey and it accompanies the "West" LP.

Website # Buy!

Zippo - Maktub (2011)

Zippo with their third album "Maktub" created an amazingly intelligent, surprising piece of work. These guys are very talented musicians and Maktub proves it to anyone defies it. For this one I'll quote Antrea Contanzo's review from Doomantia because it matches perfectly with my point of view:

Admiral Browning - Battle Stations (2011)

Thanks (for one more time) to yeoldstinkeye, I had the chance to check Maryland's Admiral Browning new work called "Battle Stations", 'cause I didn't have the slightest idea that they released a new album. At first I got quite excited because I was really impressed by their two previous releases (especially their debut). But after listening it 4-5 times, it disappointed me. One of Admiral Browning characteristics is that they're blending instrumental stoner with post-rock elements. But this time it seems that the recipe didn't work so well. At times I found myself really confused in what I hear. I don't say that it isn't a good album, just that somewhere in the music's flow I kept loosing focus. I don't know. I'll keep listening for a few times more and I hope that they'll manage to suck me into their music as they did with their previous ones.

The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of Black Hand (2011)

The Wounded Kings are back...Their third album "In The Chapel Of Black Hand" is the beginning of a whole new chapter for them. For a new singer they decided to recruit Sharie Neyland and their choice was so damn right. Her performance is absolutely amazing and fits perfectly with the monolithic slow-driven riffs. Dark rituals for ancient gods and goddesses taking place inside your house. Their music really make you see it. Feel the cosmic trips in the depths of another strange world. Imagine it like Black Widow or Coven performing pure traditional doom. A must-hear for anyone!
*Credits To yeoldstinkeye from A Distant Rumble

Take A Look:


Seven That Spells - Acid Taking and Sweet Love Making (2011)

Probably the best Croatian psych act is back with a new album. Man I love this one. I love the music, the album's title and artwork, the tracks' titles...all of them. Recorded back in 2006 and released this year, "Acid Taking and Sweet Love Making" will offer you 51min of pure acid/psych pleasure. Niko Potočnjak created a brilliant album for all acid/psych/space freaks out there which you're going to love it from the first listening. Nothing more to say.
*Thanks again to yeoldstinkeye, the man behind the great blog A Distant Rumble, for his kindness to share this one with me. Cheers!

Website # Facebook # Bandcamp # Buy!
Visit also Seven That Spells second bandcamp page  where you can download by paying anything you want the "Seven That Spells Live Series"! They're great.

Take A Look:

Backwoods Payback - Momantha (2011)

Whenever I see a Small Stone Rec. release, I know it's going to be a quality one. This label never disappoints me. So when I saw Backwoods Payback's new album, I knew it's going to be goood.... What we have here is a lot of big, fuzzy, stoner riffs by Mike Cummings and Rylan Caspa accompanied by the heavy drum-hits of Steve Curtiss and "groovified" by Jessica Baker's fat bass lines. Mike's passionate vocals is a great plus and give the music a big soul. Mostly clean and melodic (with some screams once in a while), Mike's heart wrenching, bad-ass, bluesy voice makes the album more human, in a way that you can feel his passion while singing. And this is something that distinguishes Backwoods Payback from a lot of other stoner bands.

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Take A Look:

Elder - Dead Roots Stirring (2011)

Elder are back with their second album and what I need to say is wow! I didn't expect these guys to release a work like that. No, it isn't another stoner/doom monster riff-fest like they get us used to. They moved forward in more "progressive" paths creating a 51min cosmic stoner psych-trip in the veins of Colour Haze or even Loose. There is a change in vocals' style too which fits even more in the album's spirit. Elder exceeded all my expectations and putting aside some minor weaknesses, they created their masterpiece. Tunes like "Gemini", "III" and the same-titled "Dead Roots Stirring" are top notch and they are going to stuck in your player for a long time. I bet you'll like it for sure.
*I want to thank yeoldstinkeye, the man behind the great blog A Distant Rumble, for his kindness to share this one with me. Cheers!

MySpace # Buy!! (All That Is Heavy has it in special price for a limited time so hurry up!)

Take A Look:


Saviours - Death's Procession (2011)

Fourth album for Oakland's Saviours and it's a good mixture of High On Fire's swampness, The Sword's prism in the 70's spirit and some ol'classic heavy metal. Catchy aggressive riffs and plenty of energy are album's best things. Though the vocals seem a little bit weak and average to me but I don't think that are their priority. It seems to me that it gets better each time I'm listening to it and this is good 'cause the first time I heard it, I was quite disappointed. I would recommend it as a road trip's soundtrack...

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Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 4

Here is the fourth two-hour mixtape from Rock Trips. Enjoy....

Some cool videos I received through time....

From time to time I get in my mail some videos from bands. Usually I didn't have the time to write about them but I checked them and put them aside in order to post them... For now check the first four by Whorediezel, Goliathon, Flower Eaters and Speak See Remember. Cheers!

Hellbender - Cosmolux (2011)

Hell yeah. Now we're talking. Hellbender are a 4-piece band from Tennessee playing some serious heavy psych/acid rock with touches of doom and a great vintage feeling. Four mainly instrumental tracks (when vocals kick in, they're perfectly matched with music) balancing between freak out bursts and hypnotic trance states. Not a single moment of dullness or disappointment, just 37 minutes of awesome music. Excellent stuff. I highly recommend it!

You can download it for free through their website, as well as their previous works which are quite raw stuff but I'm sure many of you will like them.
MySpace # Facebook # Bandcamp # Buy!! (vinyl)


High Priest Of Saturn - High Priest Of Saturn EP (2011)

Well it seems that 2011 is a great year for the doom scene, especially when it comes to female fronted bands. Blood Ceremony, Witch Mountain, SubRosa, Wooden Stake, Dark Castle...just to name few. We'll see many of them in many lists at the end of the year and High Priest Of Saturn come to be added in these lists for quite a few people. The Norwegian trio released a monolithic EP (I loved the artwork too) containing two tracks of massive doom psychedelia. Gloomy slow-driven heavy riffs, organs, ethereal vocals.. It has everything you'll need. I want to believe that this is only the start of a brilliant future for these guys. Check It!

You can download it for free through their bandcamp page.

Take A Look:


Tank86 - Rise (2011)

The Heavy Artillery is back! While "Rise" was released in May, I had the chance to check it a couple of weeks ago. Tank86 deliver us 48min of heavy instrumental madness with their debut album. Either you're doomster or stoner fan or you like anything heavy then you should check it. You will definitely find something suitable for you here. Their riffs take your brain, put it in a blender and mix it up for almost an hour. Their drumming is like a demolition machine inside your house while bass lines feel like earthquake vibes approaching you. From their EPs I was expecting something really good by these guys but this is above my expectations. Fans of instrumental heaviness like Karma To Burn, Capricorns or even bands like Dozer, High On Fire and Monobrow, you found a new band to praise!

Website # Facebook # MySpace # Buy!

Take A Look:

Wiht - The Harrowing Of The North (2011)

Second release for Wiht, an intrumental psych/doom/stoner trio from Leeds, UK. This two-track (33min duration) is absolutely incredible. These guys created really breath-taking music by putting their talent and soul in their songs. Both tracks are building slowly with tension and passion which you can really feel. They blend the stoner dynamic with the 70's psych and sludge swamp feeling. You should listen to it and I'm sure you won't be able to stop it. Top-notch!

You can download it through their bandcamp page by paying anything you want. Check their first EP too!
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Take A Look:

Roachpowder - Atomic Church (2001)

Roachpowder were formed in Stockholm back in 1995. They released their debut "Viejo Diablo" in 1998. "Atomic Church" is their second (and last one) and as far as I'm concerned is their best one. Not much to say about these guys. This is an excellent sample of how stoner (either you like the label or not) has to be played. Nothing more, nothing less. Probably most of you have checked it in the past but it's a good chance for "stoner-youngsters" to check it out too. Cheers!

Take A Look:

Bloodiest - Descent (2011)

Bloodiest is a Chicago-based post-metal/doom act and they consist of members/ex-members of bands like Yakuza, 90 Day Men, Atombombpocketknife, Circle of Animals, Follows, Lying in States, Minsk and Sterling. Descent is their debut album released few months ago by Relapse. I would describe their music as repetitive, minimalistic, doom-influenced post-metal and while it isn't as heavy as you possibly wanted, it creates an absolutely gloomy, dense atmosphere. There aren't any dull or bad moments in this one, only epic moments of dark beauty. The term atmospheric is quite controversial and I have to say that when I see it in a band's description, I'm scared a little bit. Fortunately in this case my fear didn't stop me from hearing "Descent". And I was totally rewarded. This is what I call "atmospheric".

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Take A Look:

Urania - Carpathian Woodoo (2011)

I've wrote about the Hungarian band, Urania a while ago here when they released their first demo. Now they released a new EP titled "Carpathian Woodoo". If you enjoyed their demo, this will please you enough to expect a full album... Great instrumental space/stoner with dark, subtle undertones and awesome guitar sections.Goood stuff, you should check out...

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Stone The Show

First of all my apologies for not updating the blog with new stuff these days but as I mentioned few days ago, in my spare time I'm working on Downtuned Radio. You know to make it function properly, organize some shows etc. I'll be back in a couple of days with some good music...
Also I would like to let you know that I'll have a live radio show every Wednesday at 22:00 (GMT +3) with tunes of our beloved heavy scene. This first show is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock underground as you see in the poster and I hope it would be a good one. Of course the spoken language will be Greek (my English accent isn't so good....) but nevertheless you can tune in for some good music. Each show's podcast will be probably available for downloading it after a while...

Downtuned Radio # Event's Page


Downtuned Magazine Goes ON AIR

As many of you have noticed, I'm involved in a webzine for Greek heavy scene too called Downtuned Magazine. I have just launched a new web radio and I quote the post from Downtuned Magazine :

Ladies and gents, I'm happy to announce that Downtuned Magazine goes on air with its own web radio station! The radio has just started broadcasting in a 24/7 basis. It's a completely DIY effort for supporting and promoting the music we all love but above all to please any of you out there.

At this point it's in "test mode" so please excuse any mistakes. This means no live shows but just good music all day long. I'll really appreciate your help by tuning in and let me know about any kind of problems you might experience as connection problems, interruptions, streaming quality etc. Furthermore I would like to "hear" your suggestions, impressions, ideas and opinions.

I'll keep you informed for updates, upcoming live broadcasts etc.
Stay (Down)Tuned!

I hope I made something you are going to like and I'm wanting your support to make it better and better. You can tune in by visiting Downtuned Magazine or by clicking in the banner I placed in Stoned Sun Vibrations side column. 
Just let me know what you're thinking of it! Cheers!

Grumbling Fur - Furrier (2011)

I find it very hard to describe this release by Grumling Fur even in my mother tongue. Take a look in the band's members and you probably understand the reason why : Daniel O Sullivan (Ulver, Guapo, Mothlite, Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses, Aethenor), Alexander Tucker, Antti Uusimaki (Mothlite, Panic DHH), Jussi Lethisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord),David Smith (Guapo, Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses, The Stargazer’s Assistant and Amal Gamal).
This is the result of one-day long improv session and a long time in post-production. And the result is absolutely great. You can't say it ambient or drone or kraut... I don't know, just a big epic, weird, sedating, intense jam.. Give it a listen and you won't be disappointed if you like experimental stuff...

Buy (Europe) or Buy (Rest of World)
Check the cd + shirt combo. Excellent artwork in good price.

Texas Fog Society - Texas Fog Society (1998)

This is the only release by TFS from Dallas. Great acid rock with a dose of fuzz and good ol' home made production. Perfect for Texas psych scene's lovers...


Take A Look:

Corrupted - Garten Der Unbewusstheit (2011)

Corrupted are back from their dark, full of shadows world with their new album "Garten Der Unbewusstheit" and I have to say that it's brilliant! I think that this is their less heavy album and at the same time their heaviest. Yes it sounds a little weird but this is how I'm feeling it. This release really gets into your heart and soul. It talks straight to your subconscious. It's full of mourning and despair but at the same time the perfect "drug" for your own grief and sadness.
From what I read, after the recordings of  "Garten Der Unbewusstheit" Corrupted almost disbanded. I don't know if this is the end and what comes next. But even if this is their swan song, it's an amazingly great goodbye. Really intense.

Website # MySpace # Facebook # Buy!

Take A Look:

Baba Yaga - Taker Of Souls (1998)

Baba Yaga was a all-female band from Seattle. They released this tape (which is their only work) in 1998 limited to 100 copies. Two songs of goood doom with some crust influences. Two of their members formed Grey in 2004.


Take A Look:

The :Egocentrics - Center Of The Sun (2011)

Most of you have already heard this brilliant release by The :Egocentrics. This is their second album and for one more time show us how good musicians they are. They are one of the few bands out there who are able to create such a strong, solid bridge between jazz and psych music. And from what I understand they do it with great ease. If you are into instrumental music (I don't see the reason why not...) you're going to love this one. Heavy groove combined with hypnotic chill out parts creating an amazing atmosphere. I haven't heard many bands from Romania but these guys are definitely their country's finest representative. One of the best releases for 2011.

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Take A Look: