As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


DRöN - DRöN (2011)

DRöN is a duo coming from Denmark and this is their first work of killer-riffage stoner rock. Two tracks full of energy and despite they're a guitar-drums duo,you are not gonna miss the fucking groove. Along with the riffs,powerful drumming and great southern-way vocals come and complete the package. Hope for more from these guys,in the near future.

You can grab it from here or straight from their bandcamp 


Weathers - Heavy Truck EP (2011)

Time for some massive sludge'n'roll! Rising from Greece,Weathers' heavy load debut consists of giant riffs,groovy bass lines,heavy drumming and great US-side vocals. Excellent start point for them and their route seems promising. If you liked bands like Guinea Pig,Demonic Death Judge,Belzebong that I have posted here before and generally you're into sludge scene,don't miss it.
Here is their bio:
"Weathers were formed in the end of 2009. Ramon(bass) and Stavros(drums) after a few jams found their way and wrote their first song “Oblivious”, that was when Jim(guitar) and Mike(vocals) joined the band. At the beginning of 2010 the band recorded their first Promo CD ,“Promo 2010”, which contains 3 songs. Unfortunately, in August Jim left the band owing to personal reasons and Mike replaced him. In the middle of March 2011 they recorded and released their first Ep “Heavy Truck”.. Until now they have played with several Greek bands and have given more than 25 performances all over Greece in the line of their Tour that took place from January to March. The future plans of the band are to record their first full-length album and make as many lives as they can. Finally, the band is ready to perform live concerts with new songs and much more to give..."
(Thanks to the guys from the band for sending their EP.)



Take A Look:

(Thumbs up for Riez,for putting this up)


Ridge - A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In A Colombian Supremo(2001)

I suppose that many of you are fans of Fu Manchu. And the most of you Fu Manchu-ers like the "In Search Of" and "Action IS Go" era. Then,these Swedish guys are just for you. It's totally in the same spirit,in the same frequency with these.  It's more Fu Manchu than the Fu Manchu. Fuzzy and noisy,it makes you feel the high voltage pierce all over your body. In simple words,it's awesome.


Take A Look:

Gammera - Smokes And Mirrors (2001)

It's a shame that I had this album forgotten for a couple of years. These Californians knew how to play gooood stoner rock. Raw and heavy,lazy and bluesy,psych and groovy,sludgy and doomy. It's like you have a furious bison into your room,ready to destroy and the last bit of you. Followers of bands like Bongzilla,Weedeater,High On Fire etc. just check it out. Cheers!



Dickie Peterson

Dickie Peterson (12/Sept/1946 - 12/Oct/2009) was the singer and bassist of the legendary Blue Cheer. In late 90's he released two solo albums,"Child of The Darkness" and the live "Tramp". Excellent bluesy guitar rock from one of the legends in rock scene.He was one of the few from the rock 60's scene that even after all those years really rocked and remained indifferent to anything but the music.

Tramp (1999)

Take A Look:


I'm so proud of you all

Today is a great day for me. March 28th gonna be my fucking personal anniversary. The first DMCA takedown notification is here and I'm celebrating it by opening a bottle of goood champagne.

The offending and criminal post was about Graveyard's new album. The post was moved to draft (I should start thinking to back up all my posts' material). What a glorious moment! A momentous occasion!

Well,fuck it. It seems some people don't get it. While some people(musicians and even labels) ask you to post their material and give to anyone the chance to hear their work and give you the thumbs up for getting people to know them,others just order you to shut up. People who were going to buy their music,will do it anyway 'cause they love it and they want to support it,either they download it or not. Also,they will go to their lives,they will buy their merch,they will give their support in any way they can. That is a fact I think.

The point is that whatever they do,music(actually the music WE love) will keep sharing over the internet. Cause in case they don't understand, WE all are a great big company of friends that just share the things WE like and WE want to give the chance to others like them too.

After all,if someone don't want to share his work like that,he can contact me and ask me to delete the offending link. That's the way that I can accept it without any complaint. Really. We're all humans god damnit and if someone ask me to delete something that is not good for him(from his point view),I'm kind enough to respect his wish. There is no need to entangle things with law shit and stuff like that.

So,after that I decided(until I figure out something better) not to post links of NEW albums coming out,just my personal opinion for them. If you want to download it there are thousands of friends out there where you can find them(and if you don't just ask me,I will gladly help you). I'll make exceptions if a band contacts me and tell me that they want to share their album with US and if I take the band's ok for posting it.

That's for now. I would like to say that I'm proud of all of you out there for your dedication and hard work for trying to stop music's worldwide spread. God Bless You! Long live the King!(the King is dead ;) )


*Nothing of what I wrote referred at Graveyard specifically. Just some thoughts for our world. 


Brandband - Alice, Bob And Blackhole (2011)

Second album for BrandBand from Russia. A great mix of stoner,southern and retro-hard instrumental rock packed up in 7 tracks(plus 4 bonus tracks). It's heavy,groovy and bluesy at times(I would compare them with bands in the spirit of Clutch),motivating you to press the repeat each time it ends. It's a shame bands like that,not to be listened widely. Probably,their albums are self-released and they giving it for free download at their site. Cheers!
As for their history:
"Officially, the history of brand band (Brand Bend) began in the winter of 2006 when two old pals Volnov Alex - drums and Katyshev Dmitry guitar, vocal jam together and play Cover favorite teams. 
However, their collaboration began much earlier, back in the early 90's as part of his first band, which lasted only a couple of years. 
In what ways musicians have dispersed. Alex Volnov heavy music but I got carried away Katyshev Dmitry blues, but this time musicians maintained friendly relations. And finally in the already mentioned 2006 year, have formed their own team decided to focus on music of black sabbath, led zeppelin, lynyrd skynyrd and other 70's teams. 
In the course of 2007. in the brand band (Brand Bend), there were several changes which have concerned mainly the bass guitar and the middle, the band was formed as a trio: free Alex - drums, Katyshev Dmitry guitar / vocals and Andrei Mironov - bass guitar. 
In this line-up recorded the first album of brand band (Brand Bend), and filmed the video for "Dream"."(Auto translated from their site)

Their first release:

Or you can grab them straight from their site.

Take A Look:

Lo-Pan - Salvador (2011)

Great ("modern") stoner rock from Ohio's Lo-Pan in their brand new release. Nice electrifying riffs and great groove from start 'til end that cleans your soul. Really, this album fills you up and satisfy your appetite for awesome and memorable riffs. It's from the discs that when you hear it,suddenly you stop what you're doing just to give your whole attention in a song's part. And this happens again and again.

(I have to say that Small Stone Recs. has become one of the greatest labels and all their releases are at least guarranted small gems.)



Take A Look:

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (2011)

One of the most anticipated releases for this year since now(at least for me) made it's appearance. My expectations were 100% fulfilled and the album's tracks cannot left my daily playlist. It's not only the great heavy rock songwriting and music but also the whole aesthetic that Graveyard brings to us. Comparing to their first album it's more powerful,more mature,more complete by all means. Surely, in the end of the year it will take it's place in the year's strongest releases. Since then,raise your hands and praise Lucifer to save your soul. Cheers!

*Link removed

Take A Look:



Juneau is a mid-90's droney space rock trio from Boston (not to be confused to Houston's Juneau). Guitarists Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), Christian Hedlund and drummer John Widger are the guys behind Juneau and they released one cassette,two albums and a 7" split with Foom. Here you can find the "Space is Hot" LP and the S/T CD.
"Space is Hot" is moving in more heavy psych/space paths while the S/T is more lo-fi and droney. Nevertheless, they are two awesome works from a band quite unknown.
If I have to compare them with other bands I would say Spacemen3,Bardo Pond or a calmer version of High Rise.
(Actually,my personal favorite is "Space is Hot" which gives me a good noisy-psych-jam feeling.)

Blood Ceremony - Living With The Acients (2011)

After a while from it's release and since almost all of you got it,here is the new Blood Ceremony's work. Continuing from where they stopped with their first release, they created another great occult-doom rock album. I must say that my expectations were higher for this one,although that doesn't change the fact that it is a wonderful piece of it's kind.



Take A Look:

Low Valium - Letania (2006)

Not much info for these guys from Buenos Aires further than they formed in 2004 and released "Letania" in 2006. Great psych stoner vibrations from this power trio. Unfortunately, they didn't release something more than this and as I found their traces stopped somewhere in 2008.
They started also a project to redux the soundtrack of 1920's film "The Golem" but it seems that they left it unfinished because the only thing I dound was a 7min. preview.

Golem redux preview

Or grab them directly from their site.

Take A Look:


Mushroom Gods

Take the heritage of Hawkwind,Hendrix,Amon Duul II,Captain Beefheart,early-Pink Floyd,Tangerine Dream and so on,and pack it up in one band. Here you are, you just found Mushroom Gods. One of the greatest neo psych prog rock bands born in mid-late 90's in UK and probably in a totally wrong era. If you fancy psych and bands like the above are your guides then you MUST listen to them. Amazing stuff! And they must have been greater in live judging by their live release.
From what I found, they split up somewhere in 2002 when their drummer Dick Freek died. Fast Elbert became a recluse and Matthew Corbett a town planner. Also, I found that Lost Johnny and CJD continued as Ejection.
So,if someone has more info either for Mushroom Gods or Ejection...well be kind to help.


V.A. - Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager (2011)

Here is a massive 2-disc compilation released by Spinalonga Records. It's a sixteen greek bands collaboration with 19 tracks totally. It's a variety of styles from stoner to drone,from post-metal to doom and from sludge to experimental. Well think about it like a local Greek Roadburn festival,you know it's going to be HEAVY. All songs are new and their first release is in this comp. In my opinion, you won't find any bad track here and whatever sound and style you're keen on,you'll find something for your needs. Cheers!

Side A:
01. Yassa - Matthew,(5:30)
02. Sun Of Nothing - Dead End Nights And Bright Mornings(And The Things Between Em)
03. National Pornographik - Gybiolt
04. Drunk Motherfuckers - Ain't Give No Shit About Sobers
05. Nechayevschina - Stoner City Dub
06. Last Rizla - Battles: Sinatra
07. Korsikov - Liqweedator
08. Stonenrow - The Harvest
09. Yassa - B.I.I.D.

Side B:
01. Yassa - Aokigahara
02. Bad Trip - God Mode
03. Sadhus, The Smoking Community - Foondamentalist
04. Brotherhood Of Sleep - Ain Berashyth
05. Universe217 - Black Widow
06. 1000Mods - Sister Fucker (Part I)
07. Sector Illusion - IDMUSXX
08. Extraordinary Rendition - Guantanamo Bay
09. Circassian - Rashidun Caliphate Surf
10. Yassa - Autotomy

Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager SIDE A
Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager SIDE B

Spinalonga Records

Lento - Icon (2011)

This is heavy and slow and sludgy and apocalyptic and fucked up and atmospheric and...Well,Lento's new release is simply a fine piece of post-sludge-drone-call it whatever you want. Things are simple,if you liked their previous and their collaboration with Ufomammut just go for it.
The album is going to be released in April 1st,but since you can stream it and download it for free from their site I don't think it's a problem to post it here as well.

Enjoy! or Enjoy!


Take A Look:

Horisont - Två Sidor Av Horisonten (2009)

What a surprise! These guys are from Sweden and they play great stylish 70's bluesy hard rock. Warm analog production,fuzz,powerful drumming,wha-wha packed in 10 songs which are an excellent sample of classy songwriting. Add some psych and early doom elements to keep things heavier and you're ready to go. Pretty impressive release which fans of Witchcraft,Graveyard and "antique rock" generally surely gonna love.



Take A Look:


Radio Desert Rock Documentary

Recently I found this interesting and great for my collection, half an hour audio documentary for desert rock. It's from BBC Radio 1 back from around 2000 (I'm not sure for this,if anyone knows something more please be kind to share it). It's going back in how things in this scene started and evolved. You can listen to what was happened straight from first-hand experiences by guys such as Josh Homme, John Garcia, Scott Reeder, Mario Lalli, Chris Goss, Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri and Tony Tornay among others. And of course with the right background music by Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Fatso Jetson, Desert Sessions.... I believe that's a high value material for the scene we're all loving and wish to have been part of it,back in it's birth.



Aqua Nebula Oscillator

Some people say that they are creatures from past centuries...and that they actually build Paris' catacombs. Other say that they were born before things like organ,sitar,theremin,voodoo and even space were created...and that their only kind of food is pure psychedelia with punk dressing and their only work is witchcraft ceremonies in space. All we know,they're called the Aqua Nebula Oscillator. You have been warned!


Evil Acidhead - Depths Of Satan (1988)

Twenty and plus years ago, John McBain (Monster Magnet in S/T,Tab and Spine of God,also Hater,Wellwater Conspiracy and Desert Sessions) released this fucking awesome mind exploding psych cassette. This one is ripped straight from the original cassette in digital form (320kbps) by Tetsuo The Cat (Many many thanks mate) and as he perfectly described it: "It's John McBain's completely fucked up sinister brain melting solo shit". Hell yeah.


An Update...

I had previously uploaded some early Monster Magnet stuff, right here. Among them was "We're stoned,what are you gonna do about it". I updated this link with a version which is a far better quality rip (I'm sure that it's straight from the cassette at 320kbps and cleaner than the previous), thanks to Tetsuo The Cat who did the job.
Thanks mate!


Danava/Earthless/Lecherous Gaze - Split (2011)

Here is a three-way split from Danava,Earthless and Lecherous Gaze. Three songs total in this 12",one from each band. You know what to expect I think,just check it out.



Tia Carrera - Cosmic Priestess (2011)

New trippy mind-melting release by Austin's Tia Carrera. This is pure psych stoner jam rock and the point is that it manages to transfer all the live energy of improvisation right in front of you. These guys become better and better and nothing seems to stop them. Let the Priestess carry you in a trip deep in space.



Their previous releases here and here.

Take A Look: