As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


2011's Top 20 List

It's the last day of 2011... What a great musical year it was. Plenty of at least decent releases came out this year, making it very hard to decide which should be in a best of list. And things get even harder when you start thinking which one is number 1, 2, 3.....20. Before the list allow me to give my big fat thanks to all the bands that didn't end up in my list but offered us some really great pieces of music and made my year better :

45Rats, Ape Machine, Arbouretum, At Devil Dirt, Bandito, Black Capricorn, Blood Ceremony, Bonnet People, Brandvand, Carlton Melton, Cultura Tres, Dead Skeletons, Devil, Ethereal Riffian, EYE, Fister, Follakzoid, Ga'an, Gnod, Haunted Leather, Hellbender, Husta, Judd Madden, Le Scimmie, Lento, Lo-Pan, Mars Red Sky, Monkey3, Mr. Gnome, Navel, Ocean Towers, Planet Of Zeus, Plastic Villains, Quiet Americans, Redcoats, Religious Knives, Roadsaw, Samurai, Seven That Spells, Subrosa, Sungrazer, Suplecs, Tank86, Tasha-Yar, The Dive, The Grand Astoria, The Great Society Mind Destroyers, The Hanna Barbarians, The Hedgehogs, The Moss, The Oscillation, Thorr Axe, Umor, Urania, Verma, Viaticum, Weedeater, Wight, Wiht, Zippo + anyone I might have forgotten....

So after a lot of hard decisions here are the 20 releases that abused my player more than anything this year :

20. Wizard Smoke - The Speed Of Smoke
19. Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves
18. Orchid - Capricorn
17. Magdalena Solis - Hesperia
16. The Egocentrics - Center Of The Cyclone
14. Eggnogg - Moments In Vacuum
13. Graveyard - Hissingen Blues
12. Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor - Spectra Spirit
11. 1000mods - Super Van Vacation
10. Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot
09. Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light
08. Demonic Death Judge - The Descent
07. Ice Dragon - The Sorrowful Sun
06. Deepspacepilots - Deepspacepilots
05. Sigiriya - Return To Earth
04. Elder - Dead Roots Stirring
03. The Cosmic Dead - The Cosmic Dead
02. Arenna - Beats Of Olarizu
01. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust


Deepspacepilots - Deepspacepilots (2011)

Before I say anything about this one, I would like to thank yeoldstinkeye for recommending it to me. I haven't heard anything by these guys from Chicago before (I think they released an EP back in 2007) so it caught me by surprise. Also I find quite disappointing the fact that I didn't see it anywhere on the web but yeoldstinkeye's top 20 list for this year.So I'll keep the mystery on and I'm not going to write anything about it. If you consider yourselves fans of either stoner and doom or psych and you like a very small touch of ambient in your listenings then you HAVE TO check this out.

Take A Look:

Ga'an - Black Equus (2011)

Here is a well-hidden gem, released earlier this year by the Chicago based band Ga'an. "Black Equus" is the band's second album and they describe their music as minimalistic progressive rock but they don't fall in the classical prog rock category (as most of us use it today).  They're influences come from Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Amon Duul, even Isis but mainly from the great Magma. Passing minimalism, jazz ethics and drone through a prog prism they create a sometimes ethereal but mostly apocalyptic soundscape which lasts for 36 minutes. This is a must-listen for this year and I'm glad I found it out before the year ends. I haven't heard their first one (which features band's original 4-piece line up) but I'm going to do it as soon as I can.

Take A Look:

Henryspenncer - To The Timeless Valley (2011)

Henryspenncer was founded by Valentin Feron and released his first work in 2008. This year the second album was out... Its title is "To The Timeless Valley" which is quite representative of his music. Valentin creates an astonishing mystical, psych trip to a desert space valley where neither time matters nor physical laws apply... Just feelings, images and creatures of the mind exist... I think that whoever appreciates the music of Grails, Six Organs Of Admittance, Horseback will love this. A really magnificent work. Let yourself wandering in this timeless valley...

Take A Look:

Danava - Hemisphere Of Shadows (2011)

Three years after their latest album, Portland's Danava released their third full work titled "Hemisphere Of Shadows". Although these retro-rockers made their first release earlier than most of today's pioneers of vintage rock sound, they remain relatively unknown (or even underestimated, something partially justified in my opinion). Of course I suppose that most of this blog's readers know about them (their 2011's three-way split with Earthless and Lecherous Gaze was great) so there isn't much to say. If you're into all this psych-prog-protometal revival then this is something worth checking. A little bit of advice... drink some shots and a pack of beers first. It  becomes even better this way... 

Take A Look:


Eggnogg - Moments in Vacuum (2011)

Another album which while I consider it as one of the best releases for 2011, passed quite unnoticed by a lot of people...Coming from Brooklyn, NY they released their third work this year (it's their second full album). First thing noticed is that the band made a great progress as far as their compositions concerned but also when it comes to their playing as a band which became even tighter. The album consists of eight tracks with only two of them have duration smaller than eight minutes. I'd describe their music as a blend of doom rock with a lot of 70's hard rock forms and of course the psych elements cannot pass unnoticed... "Moments In Vacuum" is divided in a way to two parts with "Nebuchadnezzar" as a bridge or a connector between them. Either you like doom or not, you're going to at least appreciate this release. I suggest you to hear it as whole 'cause you'll catch better the band's spirit and explorations. I can't wait for even more things by them...

Take A Look:


Hebosagil - Ura (2011)

While these guys from Finland have released several EPs and an album in 2008, "Ura" was my first contact with them. So from what I've read on the web, in their second album they changed a lot their sound from downtuned sludge into a more noise-rock approach. I can't say anything for "Colossal" but "Ura" definitely kicks ass. Noisy, aggressive, chaotic, misanthropic right-in-your-face heaviness at its best. Get your brain melted...

Website # Facebook # Buy!

Ufesas - Ufesas (2011)

Wow... wow... and wow! What an amazing release this is! Cool, laid-back desert jams with the appropriate pinch of psych coming from Uruguay... If I recall correctly I have to thanks Robin for this one and of course I'm happy it made its way to my player before the year ends... Once you put it on your player there is no way to stop it or not to put it in replay mode... One more reason to think that 2011 was one of the best year as far as music concerned ('cause in all other matters it was a quite fucked-up one). 

Take A Look:

Sigiriya - Return To Earth (2011)

Now what can I say about this one... Most of you have heard it and know what is all about. I didn't mean to post it since all the major blogs/sites did it and wrote about it better than I ever could do. On the other hand it's one of my top albums for this year so it's good to be posted here too. Fortunately I didn't make the "mistake" many people did. I didn't hear it having in mind that Sigiriya is 4/5 Acrimony. And believe the satisfaction I got from listening to it, was bigger than life. An absolutely great album with awesome, thick, well-worked compositions and some of the best riffs you ever heard. Less psych-oriented than Acrimony were but this more straight-forward attitude works just fine!! "Return To Earth" is a brilliant stoner rock album either you're an old-timer stoner fan or just a "newly-born". These guys are "big" either as Acrimony or Sigiriya. And not only musically but for a hundred reasons more. Sincerity and dignity is two of them.

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Take A Look:


Burbujeria - En Pompa (2011)

These four Spaniards released their first EP "En Pompa" this February, featuring 6 tracks of heavy-fueled stoner rock with great crunchy riffs and some fine dark passages. Vocals are in Spanish which make it even better, even if sometimes (at least personally) I think they need a little more work... Dig it...

Download it for free from their bandcamp page.
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Take A Look:

You Handsome Devil - The Hell, You Say (2011)

Coming from the city of Toronto, You Handsome Devil released their debut album titled "The Hell, You Say" full of satanic punk 'n' roll grooves! Suitable for children parties or tea evenings in nursing homes.... Nah, just kidding! Good stuff to shake your ass though! The passage from album's intro to the first track is absolutely magnificent! Cheers!

Download it from their bandcamp page by paying anything you want.
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Black Capricorn - Black Capricorn (2011)

Coming from the great island of Sardinia, Black Capricorn - a five piece band - released their self titled album in the middle of this summer. But as a listening, it fits better in this time of year. The band plays some first class stoner-o-doom with a lot of occult (see Electric Wizard) references and of course with the right amount of fuzzed out psychedelia. An hypnotizing doom trip with a lot of good heavy, crunchy, downtuned riffs, clean and clean, lo-fi vocals melted in a droney pot of psych. Great first release for Black Capricorn. If they continue their route like that, prepare yourself for a mind-blowing sophomore release.

Take A Look :


Acid Baby Jesus - Acid Baby Jesus (2011)

Here come the Greek band, Acid Baby Jesus with their debut self-titled album. Thirteen tracks of quality psyched-out garage punk meant to be played loud. Put in the blender some Black Lips, Brian Jonestown Massacre, 60's freak-out garage, a lot of fuzz and energy then what you get is a psych stormy madness called ABJ. Recommended for beatniks, stompers, psych'n'garage freaks, punk rockers and you of course... They're on a european tour with Bazooka and Black Lips. More info right here.

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Take A Look :

High Tone Son Of A Bitch - Better You Than Me (2003)

Coming from Oakland, California, High Tone Son Of A Bitch were formed in 2002 and in their short "life" released an EP titled "Better You Than Me" in 2003. Good classic groovy stoner rock with a lot of great guitarwork and fine vocals. Nothing new or innovative but nevertheless enjoyable!! 

Take A Look :


Lord of Doubts - The Gates of Doom EP (2011)

The Russian shamans Lord Of Doubts returned from their journey in the cold steppes with a killer three track EP called "The Gates Of Doom". To be honest I was expecting a full album coming after their last year debut one but I can live with this little fix too. For once more the comparison to Electric Wizard is inevitable (personally I hadn't problem with that and neither have now). But these guys seem to catching their own sound step by step. Anyway, I liked their album and definitely I dig this one too. Ritual sludge - doom full of psychedelic vibes. In this EP they created even gloomier and thicker atmosphere. Since latest Electric Wizard's work might have disappointed many of you, this is what you need...

Take A Look :

Chico Magnetic Band - Chico Magnetic Band (1971)

For this record the only thing I want to say is that you have to check it no matter what!!! For the rest I'll quote a rym user, ashratom :
"There are a couple of items here that make this album special. One is the heavy handed use of studio trickery (phasing, radical dynamic shifts, backwards tape, etc…), a common trait found amongst early 70s French and German albums. Cynics say it’s to mask the incompetence of the players, but I prefer to believe that a high amount of creativity was applied, and maybe even expected, for the era. Even more important, though, is Chico himself. Chico is the vocalist, and it’s his ranting, raving, screeching, drooling, mumbling that makes this album so REAL. The listener witnesses a man on the edge – a true freakout captured on tape for all time.

There are other albums where this can be found, and they’re all favorites of mine: Dawn on Brainticket’s “Cottonwood Hill”, John L. on Ash Ra Tempel’s “Schwingungen’, and Catherine Ribeiro on “No. 2” (really any of her early 70s works). The psychedelics that are applied both externally (music) and internally (individual) allow the artist to apply his or her most creative mind gymnastics. Sure, it’s pure madness, but it sends a chill down my spine especially when paired with raging wah wah guitar solos and a cacophony of tribal percussion.

It’s funny today to watch bands try to recreate this same sound. When it’s just the music, they do a good, sometimes great job, but when they try the “I’m crazy, here me rant” - they’re faking it. It was a one time “of the era” event. Everything else is just a simulation, a make-believe-let’s-pretend-we’re-freaked-out-and-nuts. And it sounds artificial. Get the real deal and check out Chico Magnetic Band."

Take A Look:


Acid Kicks - Life Dreams 7" (2011)

Acid Kicks are a Philly's four piece dream punk band consisting of three (yes 3!) bassists and a drummer. Their 7" features three tracks of great heavy-drugged psych punk with a "lethal" dose of shoegaze. The lack of guitar doesn't reduce its value at all. The blazing trumpets making it more dreamy and reinforce the music's atmosphere. Suitable listening for a moody day...

Take A Look :


Dead Skeletons - Dead Magick (2011)

Coming from Iceland, Dead Skeletons released their debut album "Dead Magick" few months ago. Quite a long time before their release, they created a mysterious mist around their name by putting out a lot of their songs on youtube accompanied by mysterious, occult videos which fitted perfectly with their music. The album came to confirm my "suspicions" that they're an amazing band and "Dead Magick" is one of the best albums of the year. Based on dark psychedelia and some industrial touches, they created a wonderful spiritual auditory experience. Using repetitive rhythms, occult elements, chanting vocals and haunting melodies, they take you to a trip in your mind's mystical consciousness. It's an album which should be heard at once and in repeat, in order to reach Dead Skeletons' altered trance states.

Take A Look :

No Anchor - Real Pain Supernova (2011)

I believe that most of the blog's fellow readers, you're bass-worshipers... So No Anchor must be what you're looking for. Based in Brisbane, Australia these crazy guys released their fourth album last spring. The "weird" thing about them is that the band consists of one drummer and two bassists (note : I plan to post a band with three bassists...). And they don't need a guitar in my opinion. The heavily distorted bass works fine in their case. They describe their music as doom sludge but they're more than that. They incorporate post-rock and post-hardcore elements as well as noise and drone. The result is successful and a very interesting one, connecting all the gaps among these genres. The album in its whole is tight, groovy, fucked-up (in a good way..), chaotic and unique in a way that I can't find something to compare it with. I wonder if your ears can handle its raw, intense heaviness...
*Thanks to the band for coming in touch.

Download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp page.
Website # Facebook # Buy The Vinyl!

Take A Look :


Kapitan Korsakov - Well Hunger (2009)

Coming from Belgium, Kapitan Korsakov released their debut album "Well Hunger" two years ago and as we're speaking they're in the way for their second album which coming out in January (you can check the first single titled "Cancer" in youtube  or soundcloud). So I think it's a good time for some warm up until "Stuff & Such" going to be out... Their music could be described as a mix of noise rock with psychedelia. "Well Hunger" has a quite raw production (which definitely boosts their music) and a lot of sharp riffs, screaming, "crumbled" drums and fucked up, "obscure" groove. Awesome stuff if you ask me!

Website # Facebook

Take A Look :

Demonic Death Judge - The Descent (2011)

Demonic Death Judge, the mighty Finnish swampers are back with their new album "The Descent". And believe me this is magnificent! I have to admit that I fuckin' love this band. And "Kneel" was just the beginning... "Descent" is the ultimate trip to their unholy depths of hell. They're not the typical stoner/sludge band and whoever heard their previous works knows it. They create something original and refreshing by taking the extremity, the gloom and "misanthropy" of sludge, the tight groove of stoner and baptizing them in a font full of psychotropics. Needless to say that there are no dull moments and stuff. This album is so thick that even air can't pass it through. Demonic Death Judge hit you with a sledgehammer right in the face, steal your chocolates and then you thank them. Invest!

Take A Look :


As The End Of The Year Is At The Gates...

Greetings Ladies and Gents,
Since Decembeard (credits to Soggy Bog) has kicked in, I think it's a good time to start organizing our top-albums-of-2011 lists.... I know it will be a very hard task to do since this year's quality releases were a lot more than expected. And this is great...
Of course Stoned Sun Vibrations will  put up its top ten list for the year but I would like to have also a top ten list by the blog's readers (it's also a good way to see what you like most and plan some related uploads too). So if you're interested and you have time, feel free to send me yours. I would appreciate it! It doesn't have to be top-ten. It could be 5, 7 or 15 releases. Doesn't matter at all. Last day for list submissions would be the 23th of December! You can send them at blog's mail : bea(r)ddress 

Thanks and Cheers,

Gordon Fights - Gordon Fights (2011)

Debut album for Gordon Fights released couple of months ago... Let's see some facts. Fact No.1: They're Swedish. Fact No.2: They play 70's injected heavy bluesy (riff-oriented) rock. Fact No.3: They released their album in Transubstans Records. Taking them in consideration, I believe most of you got an idea of what to expect.  They rock 'n' groove from the first note of "As I Please" until the last moment of the album after almost 48 minutes. No weak moments at all - Pleasure guaranteed. Take 70's heavy rock and a little of 60's psychedelia, give them to five young talented musicians with a lot of soul, fresh ideas and groovy minds and here you go...welcome Gordon Fights!

Take A Look :

Between The Cities Are Stars - Between The Cities Are Stars (2011)

Here is some goood noisy fuzzed out space rock (with a generous dose of shoegazing) from California. Third release for Between the Cities Are Stars featuring ten tracks which are meant to be played loud (if not you're missing all the fun). A lot of reverb and feedback frenziness, full on gain guitars and crashing drums ready to make your ears hurt and your head dizzy... Pump up the volume and you're ready to go!

Download it for free from their bandcamp page.

Take A Look:

Plastic Villains - Whoever You Are Today EP (2011)

Coming from San Francisco, Plastic Villains are a newly formed band (they're together a year) and in November they released their second EP called "Whoever You Are Today". What I like in these guys is that they sound really fresh and in a way "uplifting". The EP features six tracks moving in psych garage-blues rock rhythms with a small pinch of power pop (in a couple of tracks). The band is solid like they're together for years and  definitely have great songwriting skills. Taking in consideration that they're together as a band for a few months, I expect a lot by them...  If you like Black Keys then this is for you...

Download it for free from their bandcamp page. You can also download their debut EP.

Take A Look:

Trash Titan - Trash Titan EP (2011)

I don't know how in the hell I missed this one for so long. It was posted in the swamp, in Distant Rumble and a dozen more blogs but I didn't check it... Anyway. Coming from Los Angeles, Trash Titan released this kick-ass EP last February and it rocks like hell! Dirty, filthy stoner blues full of southern soul, groove and heavy riffs! I demand a full release soon! Got it? If you haven't the chance to check it until now, just do it before 2011 ends... You'll know why...

Download it for free from their bandcamp page.

Take A Look :

Two Suns - Dead Sea EP (2010)

Two Suns were a three-piece band from Adelaide, Australa. They disbanded last April and they have released only this three track EP. Great heavy psych jamming in a quick fix of 12 minutes. They played with a lot of bands and generally they were a high energetic band when it came to live performances. It's a pitty that they haven't released anything more... 

Take A Look:


Weed Priest - Demo (2011)

Weed Priest are a trio coming from Galway, Ireland. Formed in 2008, they have released a three-track demo. Actually in their social media pages you'll find 11 songs, including the demo ones (all for free of course...). There is no doubt that I loved these guys from the first notes of "Final Spell" (demo's first track) when I put their demo in my player. They describe their music as "occult stoner doom" and I have to agree that it's the best description about them. Slow, down-tempo, slothful, obsessive, harrowing, monolithic, druggy grooves with harsh, destructive vocals. Sometimes closer to stoner side, others to sludge but above all following the raw doomadness.... The production is like they're recorded (some tracks more, some less) in an underground forgotten crypts used for rituals in ancient times. This has its positive and negative side though. The positive one is that it's a plus for the occult atmosphere the tracks have. On the other side they have to work on it a little more when they decide to put out a "proper" EP. Anyway prepare to get possessed by the Priest. The Weed Priest. He's going to take you to an underworld trip with no return! Release the bongs and hail the Priest!
*Thanks to the band for coming in touch and sending me their demo.

You can download their 3-track demo as well as their other 9 songs (including a Kyuss' cover) through their facebook or reverbnation page.
Facebook # Reverbnation

Take A Look :


GNOD - Chaudelande Volume I (2011)

GNOD are back with their second release for this year. After "Ingnodwetrust" they're hitting us again with Chaudelande Volume I which features three tracks of 35min total playing time. Monolithic, fuzz, space rock at its best. "Tron" and "Visions Of Load" (LP's A-side tracks) are two of Gnod's universe finest psych moments.... "The Vertical Dead" ,a 17min track, is moving more to drone folk paths full of echoes, delays and dubby bass lines. My judgement cannot be balanced when it comes to Gnod because is one of my favorite acts. But all you psych-weirdos out there give it a listen and you'll be rewarded. One of Gnod's finest moments. Highly recommended!

Website # MySpace # Facebook # Buy!

Take A Look :

Monotonix - Not Yet (2011)

If I recall correctly Monotonix are the first Israeli band I post here in Stoned Sun Vibrations. Coming from Tel-Aviv they released their third album "Not Yet" last January. I know that listening to Monotonix from a disc is half the pleasure. You know like eating without smelling... If you have seen what these crazy bastards do in their lives, you caught my metaphor's meaning. But there are people out there (just like me) who never had the chance to catch one of their live shows so we have to compromise with what Monotonix offering us through their albums. So get ready for some really loud, noisy, chaotic, raw punk'n'roll with frenzy, manic guitar riffs and gritty vocals. Although is a great stuff to hear and highly enjoyable, they're songs are not memorable. But who gives a shit anyway? At least not me... It's all about pleasure, energy and having fun. If you have the chance to catch them live, I beg you not to miss them (take a glance at their videos in youtube..). Cheers! 

Take A Look :

Molior Superum - Towards The Haze (2011)

I learned about these guys couple of days ago by JK (from the mighty blog Stoner Hive). Molior Superum are a four-piece band from Stenungsund, Sweden formed in 2009. The time has come to give us an idea of how their upcoming debut album will sound like. And I tell you, it's going to be awesome! The demo features three high-energy tunes inspired by the 70's heavy, dirty blues rock and mixed with stoner rock's groove and Texas' psych freak outs. I can't wait for their album which I ensure you it's going to be a killer one.

Take A Look :

Ape Machine - War To Head (2011)

Coming from Portland, Ape Machine were a pleasant surprise last year when they released their debut "This House Has Been Condemned". So they continue their successful route with their second album "War To Head", an ode to heavy riffage of the 70's. Bluesy psychedelic references, smoky vocals, hazy guitar and awesome grooves is the recipe for this one. Check it without second thoughts!

Website # MySpace # Facebook # Buy!

Take A Look :

Man's Gin - Smiling Dogs (2010)

Here is a record which I really regret that I didn't discover it last year. Formed by Eric Wunder of Cobalt in 2005, Man's Gin released their debut album "Smiling Dogs" in 2010. Their music is a solid blend of southern rock, american folk, blues and some kind of dark rock. No this is not metal nor it has riffs and stuff like these. But it manages to wake raw emotions such as despair, death, anger, betrayal and at the same time it evokes so many inspirational images of pure beauty. "Smiling Dogs" is something genuine, unique... And Eric Wunder show us his genius for the second time (the first was with Cobalt). As I read somewhere (unfortunately I can't remember where) the best description for Man's Gin music is "post-apocalyptic Americana". Amazing stuff! If we were in 2010 this was going to be in my top 10 list for sure.

Take A Look :


Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot (2011)

A year ago I had made a post about Sahara Surfers' debut album. I loved it from the first time I listened to it. The female vocals made a difference (come on, how many stoner bands have female vox) and generally it was something very fresh... So Sahara Surfers didn't waste much time and after one year released their second album "Sonar Pilot". The band continues their excellent route by bringing up some freshness in the wider "stoner rock" area and of course by creating their own identity. It is obvious that they worked hard in their songs which are well-structured, have a great flow and the melodies stuck easily in your head. The album is stronger, more solid from their debut and it has a great deal in production. They took all the positive things from "Spacetrip on A Paper Plane" and improved them in a great direction.

If you're expecting heavy crushing riffs, you'll probably be disappointed (although it has its moments, it's not the amount you're looking for...). The heaviness in this one is based in Colour Haze's slow burning approach of creating "the heavy". Or even in Kyuss laid-back desert jamming process. The holy groove is all over of course and they're using their psych and alternative rock influences only to enrich their sound and cement their own identity. To be honest they're one of the bands that I really liked right from the start and with their new work my sympathy to them got bigger. So if you're skeptical about my objectivity, don't take my word. Just give it a listen or check what some other sites have written (Stonerobixxx or Soda Shop for example). It will be in my best of 2011 list for sure. Highly recommended!
*Thanks to Michael from Sahara Surfers and Sound Zero for coming in touch. 

The link for downloading is provided by the band and their label (Sound Zero) : Enjoy!!!
MySpace # Facebook # Buy!!

Take A Look :

My Solid Ground - My Solid Ground (1971)

My Solid Ground were a German band formed in 1968 (group's founder, writer, vocalist, guitarist Bernhard Rendel was just 14 years old). In 1971 they released their first and last album "My Solid Ground". This album worth checking just and only for his opening track, the 13min "Dirty Yellow Mist". One tripped krautrock piece driven by a monotonous, crunchy riff. The track escalates as more organ is added building intensity while the spoken vocals and pounding drums make the atmosphere even better. If their other songs were like this one... But most of them moving in more typical hard rock forms (I don't mean that they're bad...). "That's You" could be considered as proto-punk though. The second song that really makes difference for me is "The Executioner" which is quite dark... I really love this one and I dig it in a regular basis. This one is ripped from cd and includes a bunch of extra songs like the full 24min version of "Flash" (great tune!) and different mixes of four other songs. Dig It!

Take A Look :


Cultura Tres - El Mal Del Bien (2011)

Cultura Tres are a four-piece band from Venezuela and eight months ago they released their second full-length work, titled "El Mal Del Bien". Listening to Cultura Tres, you'll easily understand that they perfectly represent South America's spirit. They successfully blend various music genres and bands (sometimes diverse ones) which leads in producing a unique style of their own. You're going to hear influences from doom and sludge to thrash and death metal. From dark psychedelia to folk and tribal elements. So think it like South America's melting pot where a variety of cultures and civilizations blended (they're still blending actually) and created a multi-dimensional, original one.
The second thing leading to the parallelism I made above is that their music reflects the despair, the anger, the oppression and even the slavery that South America's countries confronts for a very long time now. They bring out Neurosis' despair and combine it with Sepultura's aggression.
Cultura Tres suck your soul into dark, gloomy, tragic places that you never considered their existence. Heavy, downtuned, crunchy sludge riffs combined with Alice in Chains-style vocals, half English half Spanish, was an amazingly great idea. The bands cover two songs too, the mighty "Black Sabbath" and "Holy Graveyard" by Epitafio (Alejandro Londono played in Epitafio too).
Overall this is a must-listen album for everyone. I regret for missing such great music all this time but thanks to Vania Yosifova from Leave Something Witchy Music Promotions, "El Mal Del Bien" took its "haunting" place in my music collection and in my 2011's best releases too. 

You can download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp page

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Poor Sons - Dunes EP (2011)

Here is some great psych garage punk from San Francisco's quartet, Poor Sons who released their debut five-track EP in July. A high-energy quick fix for starting your day (or night)... Awesome stuff!

You can download it for free from their bandcamp page.

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Highway Child - Highway Child (2011)

Third release for Highway Child from Copenhagen and unfortunately their last one 'cause from what I read in their facebook page they split up... More southern rock/blues driven than their previous ones, it has a well-built groovy rhythm section, great twisty guitar solos and vocals full of soul. Their 60's/70's rock influences are present too but filtered through a more country prism. In the six years' existence they released three amazingly good albums which makes them one of Denmark's best bands in my opinion. I want to believe that the reason they split up is to move in somewhere in Louisiana and come back after a while with another great release...

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Dave Wyndorf (Monster Magnet) Interviewed By Sean Yseult (White Zombie) (1995)

By request, here is the interview Dave Wyndorf gave to Sean Yseult of White Zombie in 1995. 

Rock Trips Mixtape Vol. 12

It took me a while to post a Rock Trips mixtape (two weeks passed from the last one...) but finally here is the 12th part from the radio show of 07/11. I hope you'll enjoy it 'cause is a really good one...

Rowsdower - Demo (2011)

Rowsdower are a five-piece band coming from Saint Louis, Missouri and they recently sent me a four-track demo which is really good. I would describe their music as blues-infected stoner rock. But they incorporate a lot of other styles too. For example "Nupital Doom" is moving in more doom-related forms or "Bridge of Sighs" which has a psych vibe. From what I read they work on new material for a full album which definitely I'm going to check 'cause they really have potentials and great song-writing skills. So go check them out...
*Thanks to Zak from Rowsdower for coming in touch.

The band put up their demo for download right here.


Fire - Could You Understand Me (1973)

"Could You Understand Me" is one of the most fuzz-overloaded albums ever. Released back in 1973 by three Yugoslavian guys located in Netherlands is the one and only Fire's record. An absolutely great heavy psych blues rock album providing you all the fuzz you can eat. A lot of kick-ass guitar riffs and solos, a drummer who hammers everything in his sight and a bass work which really tightens up the sound. The vocals maybe "disturb" some of you in the first place but you'll get used to them. The instrumental song "Flames"  is enough to love this record. Highly recommended!


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The Underneath - Sun Of '67 (1994)

The Underneath were a band from Dallas, Texas formed somewhere in the early 90's.  "Sun Of '67" was their debut album. They released two more which I haven't checked them. If you liked the Texas Fog Society's album I posted couple of months ago (there is a connection between these two bands according to rym) then this is for you. Influenced by 70's acid rock, full of fuzz and coming from Texas...that's all you need to know.

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Eye - Center Of The Sun (2011)

Eye are a heavy psych/space rock trio from Columbus, Ohio and they have just released their first EP called "Center Of The Sun". From the time Matt Bailey came in touch and introduced me to their music, I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed because Eye consists of Matt Auxier and Brandon Smith from The Pretty Weapons and Matt Bailey from Teeth Of The Hydra. Adam Smith (of Deadsea) also contributes in the record with his excellent organ-Mellotron-ARP-Moog playing skills as well as by being EP's engineer/producer.
When you put this one playing there is not a single chance that you're going to stop it. In the contrary the only button you are going to reach, it'll be the repeat one. The EP hooks you up right after the same-titled 19min track kicks in and the interest keeps growing until the last song "Rik Rite" ends. The songs' flow is amazing and they're like well-structured, powerful psych  jams. Eye incorporate Hawkwind's and Pink Floyd's legacy, Can's improvisation, Sabbath's holy grooves and Om's meditative vibes into a space trip, sometimes to moon's dark, unknown side and others to sun's vital light. A wonderful multi-layered release which encourages you to listen it again and again in order to discover all the aspects of their music. Highly recommended!
*Thanks to Matt Bailey for coming in touch.

You can download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp page. All proceeds from digital downloads will go to pressing a limited run of CD's: Hand printed covers (current digital cover is only temporary) and hand numbered.

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The Rational Academy - Live At The Zoo, Brisbane (01.09.11)

The Rational Academy are a noise/psych pop band (as they describe themselves) from Brisbane. They formed in 2004 and after releasing a few EPs and two albums, this year they put out a live album recorded at The Zoo which was my introduction to the band. The album features five tracks which could be described as a psych, noise, drone pop + rock blend. They use a lot of distortion (a good thing for me) and they're experimenting with noise, anarchic soundscapes. I didn't have the time to dig their previous releases, except "Swans", so I can't have  a complete opinion about them. But I liked this one more 'cause it's closer to my taste but I wish it would be a little longer... Anyway, it's a band worth checking and I would like to hear a studio album in the live's spirit...
*Thanks to Benjamin from The Rational Academy for coming in touch.

You can stream / buy it from their bandcamp page. You can also download for free their previous works.

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Michael Beach - Mountains + Valleys (2011)

Michael Beach is a San Francisco based musician who previously released a few works as a member of Electric Jellyfish. As a solo project, he released a 7" and before a few days this mini album called "Mountains + Valleys".  For his latest work he recruited drummer Utrillo Kushner (Comets On Fire, Colossal Yes) and Raymond Raposa (Castanets) on guitar and vocals. This mini album (released in cassette) features seven tracks based mainly in guitar moving mostly in calm, slow-tempo paths. Either if I'm not really into this kind of music, I really enjoyed this one 'cause Michael is definitely a skilled song-writer and knows how to create a beautiful emotive atmosphere with (relatively) simple means. 
* Thanks to Michael Kiefer from Twin Lakes Records for coming in touch.

You can stream / download / order it from his bandcamp page.
Website # MySpace

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Max Headroom - Stonerman's Friend (2011)

Many of you probably are familiar with Max Headroom's character and M.H. broadcast signal intrusion.. Not that has anything to do with the music here just an info from where the guys took their name. Anyway I recently found out about this power trio from Leiden, NL through an awesome youtube channel (orangesunshine6969, check it out for some really goood music). They formed in 2010 and they're currently working on their album.
This release is a collection of M.H.'s session recordings but nevertheless it is pretty damn good!! It features ten (mostly) instrumental tracks with total playing time of almost 2 hours. Great improvised stoner / desert rock jams full of psychedelia compiling a wonderful trip from desert to space and back. Recommended for fans of Colour Haze, Los Natas, 35007... Can't wait for a "proper" album by these guys...

You can download it for free from here.

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Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor - Spectra Spirit (2011)

When this blog was in its early days I have made a post about Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor, a Detroit-based psych band, for their debut self titled album released in 2009 (you can check it here). Well since then I have a special kind of love for this band. And when they contacted me about their new album "Spectra Spirit" I got really excited. While I was listening to their new album, the excitement got bigger. And it's still growing every time I get back to it.  So you have my apologies if Ι won't sound objective but this album is fuckin' great.

The album features nine tracks of dark, mellow, fuzzy, sometimes heavy, aggressive in a way, bluesy psych rock. Hell of description, don't you think? They managed to create amazing soundscapes and a very dark (almost gloomy) atmosphere. The songs are connected perfectly with each other and the fact that it's recorded in analog equipment is a plus in record's feeling. I also loved the layered vocals as well as the lyrics which moving in surreal, meditative themes. If (under a gun) I had to pick some favorites, these would be "Untitled", "Black Mind" and "Sweet Girl Insanity".

I don't know how many of you have already checked SOYSV but I think is time to do it. "Spectra Spirit" is a well-written, well-performed and well-recorded work which I have no doubt that it'll please you. If you have the chance to catch them live, don't miss it (you can check their tour dates in the website). Their shows are an audio-visual excellence.

The album will be out in a few days (11th November). You can stream it or pre-order the vinyl from their website.

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The Heavy Hills - The Heavy Hills Roll (2011)

The Heavy Hills are a Californian band I learned through Purple Mercy (check their album too). They released "The Heavy Hills Roll" this summer and it's recorded in 2010. If you checked Purple Mercy and you liked them, then give a listen to this one too. Great psyched out rock with a lot of fuzz and droning as well as some shoegaze touches. Influences of 60's/70's garage psychedelia are present too. Blurry, liquid tunes capable of bringing to an hypnotic state...

You can download it for free from their bandcamp page.
Also you can find and download for free their two previous EPs through their myspace.

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Dreamtime - Dreamtime LP (2011)

A while ago I had made a post about Brisbane's Dreamtime right here for the EP they released. Their LP is finally out and you should check it out 'cause is damn good...

You can download it by paying anything you want or buy the vinyl from their bandcamp page.

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