As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


Weed Priest - Demo (2011)

Weed Priest are a trio coming from Galway, Ireland. Formed in 2008, they have released a three-track demo. Actually in their social media pages you'll find 11 songs, including the demo ones (all for free of course...). There is no doubt that I loved these guys from the first notes of "Final Spell" (demo's first track) when I put their demo in my player. They describe their music as "occult stoner doom" and I have to agree that it's the best description about them. Slow, down-tempo, slothful, obsessive, harrowing, monolithic, druggy grooves with harsh, destructive vocals. Sometimes closer to stoner side, others to sludge but above all following the raw doomadness.... The production is like they're recorded (some tracks more, some less) in an underground forgotten crypts used for rituals in ancient times. This has its positive and negative side though. The positive one is that it's a plus for the occult atmosphere the tracks have. On the other side they have to work on it a little more when they decide to put out a "proper" EP. Anyway prepare to get possessed by the Priest. The Weed Priest. He's going to take you to an underworld trip with no return! Release the bongs and hail the Priest!
*Thanks to the band for coming in touch and sending me their demo.

You can download their 3-track demo as well as their other 9 songs (including a Kyuss' cover) through their facebook or reverbnation page.
Facebook # Reverbnation

Take A Look :

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