As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
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Mr. Peter Hayden - Faster Than Speed (2010)

Coming from Finland this time, another great release that I missed last year. But thanks to Mr. Peter Hayden's bassist, Lauri, I finally dug this gem.
Although the band has a history of almost 10 years now and the have released a couple of EPs and a split with Galacticka, "Faster than Speed" is my first contact with them and I'm totally satisfied from what I've heard.

The cd (which has an awesome packaging) features two tracks of 33min each where they successfully create a psychotropic soundtrack for a motion picture about space (or/and time) travels.

The first song "Smoke In Space" starts completely silently and after a couple of minutes some keyboards and low drumming coming in, setting you in the middle of the dark and peaceful space. Gradually the rest of the band joining in, creating a repetitive steady motif which lets you floating around until the first burst kicks in, shaking universe's chords. In the last 10 minutes, the song gets more up-tempo and "louder". Generally, there are constant changes from high to low and the tune has a slow, ambient escalation with so many elements in it from jazz to post-rock creating a mesmerizing, astral environment which leaves you breathless,

The second track "Δt=0" starts as "Smoke In Space" by building slowly the atmosphere and it's the heavier one. Guitars play a more significant role in song's structure amplifying even more the sound as well as the percussion. The sax somewhere in the middle is certainly a plus adding some more melody but the guitar stays in its spacey ways no matter what.

Overall "Faster than Speed" needs some patience in order to enjoy it. The whole album is building slowly, steady and gives a lot of attention in creating the right ambient atmosphere. The warm production helps in that too. Mr. Peter Hayden managed to create their own psych realm. It needs musicianship to achieve this and these guys totally have her. Their songs sound complex, structured with caution and at the same time as the result of a jamming process. Fans of ambient, drone and generally of progressive lo-fi, downtuned sound will love them. I bet they're going to sound even better live and I hope some day to confirm it. Until then I'll use it as a soundtrack to my lucid dreaming. It fits perfectly!

Listen to it in their bandcamp page or download it for 3 euros.
Website # MySpace # Facebook # Buy

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