As you MAY have noticed, I haven't posted for a while now....for a lot of reasons which I don't find necessary to mention. Anyway I decided to put Stoned Sun Vibrations on hiatus and concentrate my efforts to Downtuned Magazine ('n' Radio). Many of you probably know that Downtuned Mag is dedicated to the Greek heavy rock scene but since I've started Downtuned Radio too, I'm thinking of including posts about releases from all over the world. Apparently I'm going to keep a ratio but we'll see how it'll evolve.
From now on, you can find me on Downtuned Mag. And for any bands interested in reviewing/including them in radio's rotation etc., you can come in touch with me through the contact form over there. As I wrote above. I'll try to keep a ratio and at least in the beginning I'll try to "promote" mostly "smaller", more independent bands that deserve your attention.
So I want to thank each and everyone of you out there who supported, read, promoted and helped this blog. Also a big fat thanks to all the bands which helped SSV in their own way.
That's all for now folks! Thanks again! Maybe SSV will be back someday. Or maybe Downtuned will become better than SSV.... Who knows.
Be well and stay heavy!
PS: Rock Trips Mixtapes will be back soon.... They'll be the only thing posted from now on. Perhaps some other personal comps too.


Kingston Wall

Kingston Wall from Helsinki,Finland was formed in 1987 by guitarist,vocalist and group's mastermind Petri Walli,the basist Juka Jylli and drummer Sammi Kuoppamaki. It's one of the finest psych/prog bands and they released 3 albums(I in 1992, II in 1993 and III in 1994). The band called it quits in the end of 1994 and a few months later Petri killed himself after jumping from a tower in central Helsinki.

I believe Kingston Wall's music is one of the greatest monuments of psychedelic progressive rock. I can't find the  words that could describe their work. Petri, is one of the most outstanding guitar players and composers ever existed. Their music is perfect mix of psych,progressive,eastern themes combined with heaviness,mysticism,acid rock and a taste of techno(especially in the 3rd album).

Personally, I cannot choose any of their albums as the best. All of them,give me something to love,something to listen it again and again and discover their music in all it's greatness. If only the band continued creating their exceptional music....

The word enjoy isn't enough:

Take A Look:

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